Chon, Jin Hyung (Ph.D.)

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Tel 1  :   02-3290-3048 (교수 연구실)    

Tel 2  :   02-3290-3621 (생태조경설계연구실)

 Professor Jinhyung Chon is Chair of Landscape Architecture Program in the Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering and Deputy Director of OJeong Eco-Resilience Institute.

 He leads Ecological Landscape Design and Research lab whose work focused on analyzing dynamics of Social-Ecological-Technological Systems (SETS) and developing planning and design innovations for resilient green infrastructures to sustain our communities. Dr. Chon and his research group endeavor to make best use of research methods including System Dynamics, Geodesign, and statistics to investigate how to better provide ecosystem services as well as to assess landscape performance in urban, rural, coastal, and ecologically sensitive areas.

 Work in the lab is built on the integration of resilience theory and transdisciplinary approaches. With principles of ecological landscape design, the lab scrutinize disruptive natural events at all scales and promote adaptive design solutions that best support specific resilience goals. Recent projects are incorporating with climate change adaptation to identify sustainable ways that humans and nature are strongly coupled to be conceived as one social ecological system. Major design projects include ecological urban open space design, facility design in environmentally sensitive areas, habitat design for endangered species etc. For systematic approach to the design, he also utilizes computer modeling and digital media in order to better understand the impacts that human activities and development can have on vulnerable ecological and environmental systems.

 Research interest also expands to operationalize human-environment relationships through green infrastructure that can help resolve what many see as a paradox: resource conservation and visitor enjoyment. How to design viable landscape while at the same time sustaining the quality of life, livability, and recreation and tourism opportunity is a major issue in this line of research.