2018 4th Yellow Sea Ecosystem Symposium 

  • 일시: 2018년 7월 19일
  • 장소: Hoam faculty house in Seoul Natl. Univ.
  • 발표: 
  • 정대영_An application of network analysis on social-ecological system for sustainable ecotourism destination
  • 최윤의_Ecotourism system planning for community resilience on the Yellow Sea
  • 송기환_Analysis of the Social-Ecological Trade-off System for the Resilient Ecosystem Services in Coastal Area: Focusing on the Han-River Estuary
  • 김민_The selection of suitable for coastal green infrastructure for enhancing resilience to nuisance flooding

  • 포스터:
  • 유수진_Coastal Landscape Planning for Improving Resilience using System Dynamics: Focused on Shinduri, Korea Coastal
  • 노희영_Landscape planning for improving coastal ecosyetem service : Focused on Seaside Park on Yeongjong Island